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Baby Nurses

Whether you need a night nurse to train your baby to sleep through the night or day care to help you recover from birth, our baby nurses can assist you.

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Sleep Consultants

Getting your baby to sleep through the night can sometimes be very challenging. There is a wide range of what's normal when it comes to your baby's sleep the first few months of life. Initially, almost all babies need some help falling asleep and being able to differentiate between day and night. Our baby nurses will come stay in your home, making a comprehensive sleep assessment, and then implement the custom sleep plan for your baby. They will provide on-going support for you and your baby.

Lactation Consultants

Our trained professionals understand the unique needs of each mother and baby, guiding them through physical and emotional issues of breastfeeding. Our baby nurses can help mothers with latching, identifying the difference between a baby's sucking, recognizing early feeding cues and knowing when the baby has really had enough. Our baby nurse will support the mother so that she can feel with breastfeeding on her own.

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